Dreamcatcher Disaster Resilience, LLC Services

Our strengths of innovation and independence allows our services to be very scalable.
We can customize these for your needs, schedule, and budget. Most of our services
can be summarized into the following categories:

  • Scope Development - Defines the overall intent of the planning effort, as well
    as the defining the contingency management project plan.
  • Risk Analysis - Identifies the risks facing the site, what the impact might be if
    they manifested into a disaster, and what controls could mitigate the risks.
  • Business Impact Analysis - Identifies and prioritizes the critical business processes, and their relationship to hardware, data, applications and communications.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning - Develops an IT based strategy for response and recovery after a disaster.
  • Information Security Planning - Protects your data, computer systems, and networks against hacking, alteration of data, denial of services and asset theft.
  • Business Continuity Planning - Develops a business process based strategy for response and recovery after a disaster.
  • Alternate Site Management - Identifies viable sites for alternate business functions, alternate processing and off-site storage of data.
  • Emergency Management Planning - Defines a program for employee evacuation, shelter, and first response activities after a disaster.
  • Training - Provides training and awareness of the above efforts for your management, employees, and response teams.
  • Testing - Exercises the response teams in the use of the developed strategies
    and plans.
  • Maintenance - Assures the updating and revising of the developed plans and programs to keep them dynamic, not static.
  • Consulting - Provides customized services, analysis, planning, and customer specific requirements.
  • Response Management - Provides post-disaster project management services, at your primary business site or alternate sites, assisting in recovery efforts.



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