Frequently Asked Questions:

Isn't it impossible to plan for all disasters?

No one can predict every event with accuracy, but a disaster specialist CAN objectively tell you the specific types of hazards which your site is exposed to, and then subjectively predict what impact that would have on your systems and operations.

How will knowing what disasters I face benefit me?

You can then examine cost effective ways and controls to prevent or at least mitigate the threat and minimize the disaster's impact on you and your operations.  You can also then create site-specific plans for your people to follow in the event you are struck by a disaster.

How long will disaster planning take?

Each site is different, and have different requirements within their plan's scope.  A typical disaster recovery plan for computer systems can take 2 - 4 months for completion.  A complete business resumption plan slightly longer.  There's an economy of scale if both are done together.

How much will it cost?

Again, it depends on the scope of the plans. Our costs are very competitive for this level of experience.  Many customers find they can utilize the highest qualified professionals through Dreamcatcher Disaster Resilience, LLC at a price significantly less than larger firms. Your costs can be quickly determined if you will let us perform a scope study. We then will create a service level agreement, project plan and a fixed price contract for your project. 

Will our costs increase?

With a very few exceptions such as for Response and Recovery Management, Dreamcatcher Disaster Resilience, LLC strives to use fixed price agreements. Costs can increase however if the project's scope increases, your site personnel are unable to participate in this process due to other priorities, a company realignment takes place during the project or other situations change the project¡¯s schedule. Any such changes must be approved through signed change requests.

Can't we just do this ourselves?

Possibly, but it will take a lot more effort (typically 12 -24 months dedicated effort) and the results won't be as good.  They may not work at all when needed. If they fail you are exposing yourself to the same threats as not having a plan.

We have business interruption insurance and the very finest people on our staff. Isn't that enough for a quality response to an outage or disastrous event?

Typically not. Business interruption insurance may not pay for outage time and expenses exceeding what the adjustors determine as what a business with a disaster plan would have recovered from.  We have case examples.  What would happen if your best people are unavailable after the event due to an injury or vacation?  Such questions are too risky to gamble on.

Can't I just buy a software package and knock a plan out in a weekend?

Most planning software requires 4 - 6 months of use before the user becomes proficient enough to create a viable plan. More importantly, what the software doesn't do for you is analyze the risks facing your site, eliminate or at least minimize those risks,  analyze then establish the true criticalities to your operations, facilitate training of your people, and so on. Those tasks take additional months for the inexperienced and non-dedicated project person to complete, as noted above.  We can do it all for less cost, in a fraction of the time, and with less time taken away from your staff's primary efforts. There will also be no questioning the  resulting plans will be the highest quality available. We can also assist you with most popular software if you¡¯ve already purchased one.

Have any plans you¡¯ve developed actually been used to respond and recover from disasters?

YES! We will be proud to discuss these actual plan activations with you, and how the plans and processes we implemented for our customers saved them time, and money; as well as discussing other tangible and non-tangible impacts.

What about HIPAA Security requirements?

Dreamcatcher Disaster Resilience LLC can help you in both the areas of information security and the creation of information systems disaster recovery plans.

We have an Internet Firewall and Virus Detection Software on all incoming email traffic.  Isn¡¯t that enough Information Security for most companies?

That really depends. Who might want to get in to your systems? what do you have to lose? You also seem to be concentrating on someone on the outside trying to get in. What if the threat is from INSIDE your company? One disgruntled employee or someone browsing your systems for information may cause a huge impact on your ability to conduct business.

Where did the name ¡°Dreamcatcher¡± come from ?

A dreamcatcher is an Ojibwe Indian object for luck.  Legend says that a dreamcatcher catches any nightmares in its web where they dissolve in the mornings first light. Good dreams to pass freely through the hole in the dreamcatcher¡¯s center. Our slogan is that we provide contingency planning services to protect your business and systems from the nightmare of disasters. Jim LaRue, President and Senior Consultant, is of Ojibwe and Cree Indian descent, is a tribal member of the Remnant Nation of Indigenous Tribal Peoples. Dreamcatcher Disaster Resilience, LLC is a member of the Native American Business Alliance.


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