About Us

About Dreamcatcher Disaster Resilience:

We are a full service contingency planning company, staffed by certified and
experienced  professionals, providing services including:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Information Security Planning
  • Consulting
  • Post-Disaster Response and Recovery Management

Our strength and success is simply that we are independent, innovative, 
experienced, and that we are detail oriented.

Contingency planning and services are our primary focus. We recommend what¡¯s
 best for your need, not just only what is in our company catalog. Our emphasis is
on doing what is best for you. Compare that to other mega-companies whose real
mission is to sell service systems, subscriptions, hardware, or software that you
may not even need.

We create unique, hybrid, viable and cost effective prevention and response
strategies.  The solutions we put into place will be based on your true business
criticalities. We also focus on prevention by identifying and mitigating single points
of failures.

We have over 12 years experience dedicated to contingency planning. Our
professionals are certified at the highest levels within this discipline across
numerous industries. We are specialists with vast experience in this field, unlike
some companies that are now trying to provide these services using idled auditors
or inexperienced and uncertified employees.

Detail Oriented
We sweat the details across multiple platforms, business units and systems. We
focus on your business processes, then identify the tools, hardware, data,
applications and communications required to support them. For companies
with existing plans in place we can provide and independent review, potentially
identifying serious omissions before a disaster strikes.

Our strength comes from our professional providing services to our customers.  For additional information on our professionals please click on the ¡°people¡± button on the left menu.

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